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Mojdeh Gorji, Iranian lawyer near me, Hamburg and Umgebung, 

Gorji Law Frim, Iranian Lawyer in Hamburg, Umgebung, Germany, Iranian Lawyer. In fact, Our law firm is based in Iran and Germany and specializes in commercial laws and company law. And similarly, property laws. Above all, we are proud to have a team of lawyers who are highly qualified. In addition, we have been educated at world-renowned universities with a good command of foreign languages.
To clarify, our clients include Iranian companies planning to enter the German market or considering investment into the European Union or the United Arab Emirates. besides companies intending to invest or become commercially active in Iran.

Persian immigration lawyer

Therefore, the lawyers at Gorji Law Firm, have mostly at internationally accredited institutions and can therefore provide our clients with direct legal consultation on international laws. We also have strong associations with several law firms both in Germany and Iran, which set us up to use these connections to provide our clients with a wide range of legal services. Our active presence in the international arena together with our extensive familiarity enables us to support our clients efficiently and provide them with legal advice of the highest standard and professional integrity.

Gorji Law Frim: Iranian Immigration Lawyer

So, We are active in Family Laws, Inheritance Laws, Immigration Regulations and Property Laws. Whether you need legal advice on a complex commercial international dispute or any legal disputes regarding family, inheritance, or immigration. We fully understand and appreciate that our clients’ interest is paramount, and they rightly demand and expect to receive the most practical advice.

Therefore, in our initial consultation, we aim to get a comprehensive picture of what our clients want both as a public corporation and a natural person.

To summarize, our team of lawyers has an excellent command of various kinds, including English. German, Farsi, In addition, Afghani and therefore can communicate with the customers directly, so we can eliminate any misunderstanding or complexities arising from a language barrier.

Gorji Law Frim, Mojdeh Gorji Iranian Lawyer in Hamburg, Umgebung, Germany

Our team of legal advisers must find the best possible and practical legal solutions to help our clients. We fully understand our clients’ needs and aspirations, and aim to provide a personalized service based on our clients’ needs. Thus, keeping a culture of mutual trust is important to us. An essential part of reaching the best legal solution is faith.

This trust, friendliness, and professionalism is something that is frequently manifested by our clients’ expression of satisfaction. Appreciation concerning our services and who consider us as their trusted partner. With Gorji Law Frim of our expertise, sincerity, and trustworthiness. Iranian Immigration Lawyer