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Gol Takeout

Gol Takeout | Persian/Iranian Restaurant in North York, ON 

Homestyle Iranian fare, including kebabs & soups, is featured at this basic nook with outdoor seats.

Gol take-out was re-invented and re-opened in 2016 and hasn’t looked back since.

A young booming business quickly gaining recognition in Toronto as the go-to place for good, fresh, home-cooked Persian cuisine.

With excellent online reviews Gol is a great choice for your next meal, whether you go with take-out or sit and enjoy our newly renovated interior Gol Takeout uses fresh, locally sourced ingredients in all our meals to preserve the authentic home-cooked taste in every bite.

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Main Dishes

Can be ordered with salad or rice or put in a combo including a drink

  • Kobideh-Special  Kabob Koobideh (Chefs Special) $10.99
  • Joojehbreast Joojeh Kebab (Chicken Breast) $13.99
  • ChelowJoojehKabab-Ran Joojeh Kebab (Chicken Leg) $11.99
  • Barg-R1 Kebab Barg (Filet Mignon) $17.99
  • ChelowKababVaziri-Ran Kebab Vaziri (Koobideh and Chicken Leg) $15.99
  • Vaziribreastr Kebab Vaziri (Koobideh and Chicken Breast) $17.99
  • Soltani Kabab Soltani (Fillet & Koobideh) $21.99
  •  Kabab Bakhtiari (Fillet & Chicken Leg) $27.99
  •  Kabab Salari (Fillet & Chicken Breast) $29.99
  •  Tahchin (Rice Oven-Cooked with Chicken Inside) $10.99
  •   Chelow Khoresht-e Gormeh Sabzi (Vegetable Mix) $9.99
  •  Chelow Khoresht-e Gheimeh (Korma) $9.99
  •  Chelow Khoresht-e Bademjan ( Eggplant) $9.99
  •   Chelow Khoresht-e Karafs (Celery) $9.99
  •  Sabzi Polo Ba Mahi Salmon (Salmon) $17.99
  •  Baghali Polo Ba Mahicheh $12.99
  •  Zereshk Polo Ba Morgh (Roast Chicken Leg) $9.99
  •  Zereshk Polo Ba Morgh (Roast Chicken Breast) $11.99
  • kashk-bademjan-520-11 Kashk-e Bademjan (Mashed Eggplant) $7.99
  • meatballs.jpg Kooftah Mashad-e (Meatballs) $9.99
  • Aash-e reshte Aash-e Reshte (Vegetarian Noodle Soup) $4.99
  • Fesenjoon with meatballs Khoresht Fesenjan (Chicken Breast and Walnuts) $11.99
  • 7964_589816797725144_1159665895_n Dizi (Lamb and Chick Peas) $10.99

Gol Takeout Persian/Iranian Restaurant

5 Spring Garden Ave, North York, ON M2N 5N6, Canada