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Flame Persian Cuisine

Flame Persian Cuisine | ?Persian/Iranian Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA

We take pride in providing high-quality food & service, generous portions at moderate prices & terrific dining experience to every guest all the time.

Ground beef and filet mignon. A combination of charbroiled tenderloin beef and a strip of seasoned ground beef. Served with your choice of imported Basmati rice or salad and charbroiled tomato.


Minutes from Beverly Hills and the UCLA area, Flame Restaurant on Westwood Blvd. located in the heart of Westwood is the exciting dining experience. Even the quickest glance into Flame, the slick Iranian restaurant on the Tehrangeles stretch of Westwood Boulevard, reveals the shiny clay sphere at its heart, the tanor oven, source of some of the city’s finest Flatbread.

Regulars know that you can pretty much make a meal of this tanori bread, singed and still smoking, smeared with cold butter and wrapped around an onion, especially if you accompany it with the house’s panir sabzi platter: a big plate of fresh mint, lemony Persian basil and super-pungent Persian tarragon, along with walnuts soaked in saltwater and a block of squeaky Feta cheese. Much of the produce is organic, bought at farmers markets, and the restaurant is one of the few Iranian places in the area that serves Halal Food.

You will find the usual bowls of yogurt-based white-garlic dip and the vinegary Iranian pickles called torshi, the usual stews — the pomegranate-walnut concoction called Fesenjon, the vegetable/salted lime stew Gormeh Sabzi, and the tomatoey split peas called Ghemeh. But Flame is basically a place to get Kebabs — juicy skewers of ground chicken or marinated chicken breast, tartly mineral rack of lamb, shish kebab and fish kebab, and a wonderful kebab of Cornish game hen, accompanied by enormous drifts of rice. Even at lunch, the customers tend to be better-dressed than they are anywhere this side of Spago and the Grill.

ASH RESHTEH SOUP Persian soup with fresh vegetables, noodles, pinto beans and kashk (whey) flavored with garlic & mint. SPECIAL FLAME SALAD Combination of lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, grapes, mango, beets, and fresh vegetables with special house dressing.

FRIED WHITE FISH Fresh filet of white fish marinated and fried. Served with your choice of imported basmati rice or salad and charbroiled tomato.

CHICKEN SOLTANI – BARG Combination of one strip ground chicken and a thick strip of juicy marinated charbroiled boneless chicken breast. KOOBIDEH COMBO Two skewers of juicy strips of charbroiled seasoned ground beef and chicken.

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We take pride in providing high-quality food and service, generous portions at moderate prices, and terrific dining experience to every guest all the time.