Felorin Rahi


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Felorin Rahi

Felorin Rahi

Top Iranian Barrister and Solicitor in Thornhill

Felorin Rahi, the founder of Rahi Legal Resolutions Professional Corporation. She is a firm believer in providing:

Felorin Rahi, Top Iranian Barrister and Solicitor in Thornhill, Canada, Top Iranian Barrister in Thornhill

Felorin Rahi “Answers” to your Legal inquiries, “Solutions” for your Legal matters and“Resolutions” of your Legal concerns. Felorin has attended the University of Toronto and obtained her Bachelor of Science with Honours. Following the completion of her Bachelor of Laws degree from London, England, she has earned her Master of Laws degree from Osgoode Hall Law School.

– Legal Resolutions- Barrister and Solicitor – Rahi Legal Resolutions

Notary public in Vaughan, Ontario

Real Estate:

  •         Residential and Commercial Purchases and Sales
  •         Residential and Commercial Mortgage and Refinance Transactions
  •         Private Lending Transactions
  •         Transfer of Title
  •         Reviewing or Drafting various Real Estate Agreements

Wills & Estate:

  •         Preparation of Will
  •         Preparation of Power of Attorney for Property
  •         Preparation of Power of Attorney for Personal Care
  •         Declarations of Trust and Indemnity Agreements
  •         Application of Appointment of Estate Trustee with or without a Will

Corporate Law:

  •         NUONS Representative for incorporating in Ontario
  •         Incorporation in Ontario and in Canada
  •         Preparation and Completion of Share Purchase and Sale Transactions
  •         Preparation and Completion of Asset Purchase and Sale Transactions
  •         Preparation of Trust Agreements

Family Law:

  •         Preparation of Separation Agreements
  •         Preparation of Marriage Contracts
  •         Preparation of Cohabitation Agreements
  •         Commencement of Uncontested Divorce Application
  •         Provide Independent Legal Advice

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Notary Services:

  •         Certifying True Copies of Original Documents
  •         Witness Oaths
  •         Drafting Affidavits, Invitation Letters, Consent to Travel Letters
  •         Commissioners for taking Affidavits
  •         Statutory Declarations