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The agency is run by humanity and the focus is on fighting for your rights.

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Fatemeh Pakyari | Stockholm, Sweden

Fatemeh Pakyari | Stockholm, Sweden 

Advokat, Top Lawyer in Stockholm Sweden

The law firm Pars ABOur creative and innovative law firm has helped individuals and companies find the solutions that best suit each individual case. The agency is run by humanity and the focus is on fighting for your rights.

Our motto is to treat our clients the way we would like to be treated if we were in a similar situation and that thinking language has resulted in the success of our clients.

We are also the only law firm in the Nordic region with an active lawyer with an Iranian law degree. Through our well-established contacts with the largest law firms in Iran, we have the tools needed to best help both businesses and individuals with cross-border issues.

Lawyer and Founder

she holds a bachelor’s degree from Uppsala University and has been accepted as a member of the Swedish Bar Association. The childhood dream of becoming a lawyer was realized in 2008 and Fatemeh Pakyari founded his own law firm which in 2017 became a law firm.

Today she runs the Law Firm Pars with the vision of having a law firm that is run by expertise and humanity. Over the years, Fati has gained extensive experience and process experience in Family law, asylum and migration law, assignments as plaintiff, claimant, insurance law, tenancy law, contract law, LVU, etc.

Fatemeh Pakyari, Top Iranian Lawyer in Stockholm, Sweden

Languages: Swedish, English, Farsi / Dari

FAMILY Drawing up of wills, preparation of estate registration, a succession of inheritance, marriage, divorce, cohabitation agreement, division of housing, quarantine court, custody, accommodation and socializing with children, etc.immigration lawAsylum, work permit, residence permit, visa, citizenship, etc.


Social Security cases, LVU (the law with special provisions on the care of youth), LVM (the law on the care of addicts), LPT (the law on psychiatric compulsory care) and LRV (the law on forensic psychiatric care).CRIMINAL CASEDefender of persons suspected of a crime.

Plaintiff’s assistant for persons who have been exposed to crime.


If a person does not want to repay you, we can help you get your money back.


Property purchase, property failure, construction defect, purchase contract, law application. We also assist in termination and extension disputes.insuranceInterpretation of insurance contracts, disputes regarding damages and the right to insurance compensation, etc.


Contract law, labor law, corporate transfers, licensing matters, disputes regarding feeding, etc.

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