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Farzad Ghods

Iranian Immigration Lawyer

Farzad Ghods Besides our investment, citizenship, and residency advisory services. Our law office offers legal services related to currency, banking, business and financial litigation related to Iranian natural and legal persons, residents, and non-residents. So you have legal or complex banking issues in Turkey.

Thus, if you intend to expand or establish business relationships.
Namely, Partnering with Turkish nationals. In other words, agree with Turkish natural and legal persons.
Such as, getting citizenship and a house in Turkey.

Iranian Lawyer. Be kind to us. (????? ??? ???? ???? ?????? ???? ?????)

However, you can also get advice on the following by making an appointment.
For instance, Turkish House Conditions and Permanent House Permits.
Further Provisional Temporary House Permits, 2019 Turkish Residence Conditions
In the same vein, Types of Migration to Turkey: Employment and Housing in Turkey through work.

Immigration and Housing in Turkey through Marriage.

Housing Turkey through Investment, Housing Turkey through Education.
Immigration and Housing in Turkey through Property Rentals.
Immigration and Housing in Turkey through Entrepreneurship and Immigration.
House Turkey by Buying Partnerships and Turkish Residency through Buy of Turkish Shares.
Farzad Ghods, Iranian/Persian Immigration Lawyer in Istanbul, Turkey, Best Iranian Lawyers in Istanbul
Migration and Residency through Company Registration, Turkish Migration, and House through Bank Deposit,
Turkish Migration and Housing through Refugees.
Immigration and Housing in Turkey through Study Opportunities. Participation in Scientific Competitions/Entrepreneurship/by birth.
Turkish Immigration and Housing through/international organizations. Educate the Turkish Language.
Buying Property and Cost of Living.

Farzad Ghods: Documents required to be submitted to Istanbul

I have listed the migration board above,
However, they will help you get the above documentation from our law office at a reasonable cost so that you can get
and submit the required documents with minimal payment.
In our office, besides consulting services in investment and acquisition of citizenship and residence,
legal services related to currency and banking. Commercial issues related to natural and legal persons living and non-residents in Iran.
 We accept them as well.

You can benefit from our office’s services. Farzad Ghods

Finally, he has always been a leader in providing immigration services.
First, our staff is up-to-date with the latest immigration laws in Turkey.
Meanwhile, this is a new program by the Immigration Office that is continually updating their information.
Immediately, To immigrate to Turkey, get residence or citizenship (Turkish citizenship and passport).
Certainly, our commitment and expertise experiences have led to a high success rate among immigration agents.
However, we are collecting the credibility and trust of our clients.
In addition, we check all documents of our clients for immigration only in the Istanbul office and, only through the person of
Farzad Ghods, the senior manager of the collection.