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Farshad Labib | General Dentist

Farshad Labib | General Dentist

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Dr. Labib takes pride in his dental practice. His reputation as an honest and caring dentist is one that he values and works hard to maintain. His warmth and personality truly make everyone feel welcomed at his practice. Dr. Labib and his staff speak English, Spanish, Farsi, and Hebrew.

Dental Services

Here’s where we excel

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers Customized porcelain veneers can be attached to the front of a tooth to improve its shape, size, or color. Veneers can be made from different materials, but porcelain is the most stain-resistant.

Porcelain also looks more real and more natural than other options. Common Problems That Porcelain Veneers Can Address Porcelain veneers can be used to close gaps between your teeth; Improve the color of your teeth; Cover chipped or broken teeth, and Hide tooth misalignment and irregularly shaped teeth.

We all wish we were born with perfect teeth – here’s the next best thing! Root Canals Stop the pain and save your real tooth for the most natural look and feel. Iranian Cosmetic Dentist in Los Angeles

Dental Implants

Fill in the gap to complete your bite and your smile!

best-tooth-pain-dentist-Los-Angeles-doctor-dr Farshad-Labib-DDS-services-dental-implants-750×563 If you want to replace damaged teeth with a beautiful and natural-looking smile, dental implants are your answer. The first step is understanding our services and what to expect. Preparing For Dental Implants The process starts with removing damaged teeth. Next, your jawbone must be prepared for surgery.

You may or may not need bone grafting. Some reasons why you might need bone grafting include: Your bone tissue has deteriorated over time; Your jawbone is too soft, or Your jawbone is not thick enough to support an implant. With bone grafting, we use pieces of stronger bone from a different area of your jaw or body.

Farshad Labib, Persian General Dentist

Clear Braces

Straighten your teeth without having to complete a circuit in your mouth! Whitening Treatments

Gain greater confidence in your life with your best smile ever!

Crowns & Bridges

Put an end to difficulty chewing and fix broken or missing teeth

For more than two decades, Dr. Labib has devoted his practice to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of your smile with the most effective and innovative procedures. Dr. Labib takes the time to educate each patient about any procedure they will undergo, and to answer any questions they may have.

His open and honest approach fosters a trusting relationship and creates a calm and comfortable environment for his patients. Regardless, Dr. Labib and his staff understand that some patients may feel a sense of unease during dental visits, so they aspire to make every experience a positive and successful one. Health and hygiene are always of paramount importance. In order to maintain a clean and safe environment for both patients and staff, all equipment undergoes very stringent sterilization procedures.

Root Canals

What is a Root Canal? Although their name strikes fear in many patients, root canals are a very common dental treatment that can be completed with very little discomfort. A root canal is used to treat diseased pulp and to save a compromised tooth from extraction. Experienced, compassionate dentists, such as Dr. Labib, use root canals to restore tooth function, eliminate pain, and keep patient smiles intact.