Faraidoun (Frank) Akhavan


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Faraidoun (Frank) Akhavan

Faraidoun (Frank) Akhavan

Iranian Executive Insurance Advisor in Victoria, BC

At Royale BC Financial

we take special care of implementing unique and innovative insurance and investment solutions for all our clients. We focus on a customized need analysis that will look in detail the personal and business aspects of every individual.

In order to address our client’s needs, we use appropriate strategies involving tax planning and insurance products from top-rated insurance carriers in Canada. My name is Frank Akhavan and I am the President and Executive Insurance/Financial Advisor. I have worked for over 30 years in the industry.

My expertise focuses on corporate tax strategies and how to maximize investments and savings. As well, I specialize in personal and corporate-owned insurance. My commitment to all my clients is to make sure that every aspect of their business, however small is well looked after.

Faraidoun (Frank) Akhavan

Executive Insurance / Financial Advisor Victoria

Victoria, British Columbia Faraidoun (Frank) Akhavan is a trained insurance and financial specialist with 30 years of industry experience who will work with you at determining your insurance and investment solutions to best meet your personal, family or business needs.

Frank knows that everyone’s needs are unique and he enjoys working with clients to design a customized plan specific to their individual needs. Frank has completed a series of courses and in-depth training over the years in order to be able to help his clients with the best sound advice. He has been the recipient of National Quality Awards for the last 25 years.

Mr. Akhavan has qualified to be a member of the Million dollar round table for the last 20 years and has been the top producer at RBC Insurance across Canada for 25 consecutive years.

Frank continues to build his expertise through Royale British Columbia Financial Inc as an independent broker providing his clients with insurance and investment products and advice from 25 major financial companies in Canada.

Frank’s insurance and investment background are complemented by over 25 years of enterprises he has been involved with, gaining experience in a tax matter, small business development, and marketing. Please call Frank with your insurance and financial needs as he is able to meet with you in person, by phone or via Skype to discuss your unique situation.