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Express Money Exchange

Express Money Exchange

Persian/Iranian Express Money Exchange of Australia

Manager: Navid Akrami

Express Money Exchange of Australia was established in 2010 in order to provide banking services to all our dear fellow Iranians, especially Iranian students, and has been able to become one of the most active all-electronic Iranian currency exchanges in Australia in a short time.

Iranian Express Money Exchange in Doncaster East

Backed by the expertise, experience, and technical capacities of our personnel in exchange, currency, and international banking, as a result of many years of service in the banking system of Iran, we hope to provide services to our dear fellow Iranians the way they deserve.

We are currently active in Iran and Australia and will soon expand its business to Malaysia, the United Arabic Emirates, and Canada.

Our motto is ‘speed and easiness’. Reliable methods and routes, accelerated service Transaction, and easy methods without the need for in-person appearance are among the benefits of Express Money Exchange, and it has always been the goal of the management and the personnel to realize them.

Through its diversified set of services, We endeavor to fulfill the currency-related demands and expectations of its customers to the best, which might not be easy otherwise due to the restrictions imposed on the Iranian banking system.

During its years, We have applied innovative operational procedures and has achieved some outstanding achievements in satisfying its customers.

Virtue, perfection, responsibility, and accuracy are among the prerequisites of our work in it and we are proud that we have been able, through our efforts, in these turbulent times, to satisfy our customers through providing good service.

It is interesting to note that, based on the data provided by the Council of International Students Australia (CISA) in 2012, we are the most popular Iranian currency exchange among I, international Iranian students in Australia in 2012 (with 67% of the total votes).

Legal Certificates We are a registered company in Australia with legal certificates in Money Exchange and Remittance Service. Some of the legal certificates.