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Yanitza Schoonover: Your Florida Estate Planning Advocate

Yanitza Schoonover, a dedicated attorney, helps individuals and families navigate probate and estate planning complexities in Florida. With her extensive knowledge and unwavering commitment to excellence, Yanitza has earned a reputation as a trusted legal advocate in the state.

Our Specializations

At Estate Planning Attorney in Miami, Florida, Yanitza and her team focus on three main service areas:

  1. Probate Administration: Our expertise covers Probate and Estate Administrations, including Formal and Summary Administrations. We understand the challenges and provide step-by-step guidance.
  2. Probate Disputes and Litigation: When disputes or conflicts arise during the probate process, Yanitza Schoonover leverages her expertise in probate litigation to protect your interests and resolve issues.
  3. Planning for the future is essential. Therefore, we offer comprehensive Estate Planning services to secure your legacy. Yanitza collaborates closely with you to develop a personalized plan that addresses your unique goals. In addition, it ensures efficient asset distribution, including personalized wills and trusts.

Efficient Estate and Fiduciary Services

Estate Administration:

  • We provide comprehensive estate administration services for individuals dealing with the passing of a loved one, whether they had a will or not. That is to say, our services cover all situations.

Beneficiary Representation:

  • Our team represents beneficiaries and heirs, ensuring the executor or trustee fulfills their fiduciary duties. We can also aid in executor removal if necessary.

Executor Representation:

  • If you’ve been appointed as the executor of a loved one’s will, or wish to serve as one for an intestate estate, we offer guidance and support. Firstly, we understand the challenges you may face.

Avoiding Probate with Proper Estate Planning

  • We can help you and your family avoid the probate process through a well-structured estate plan, saving time and resources. In other words, we help you plan effectively.

Guardianship Services for Vulnerable Loved Ones

  • When your loved ones are unable to care for themselves, we assist in obtaining guardianships, ensuring their well-being and security.