Eagle Locksmith, Seattle Services


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Eagle Locksmith, Seattle Services

Eagle Locksmith, Seattle Services

Eagle Locksmith, Seattle Services is the leading, family owned local Locksmith in Seattle. We are reliable, affordable and open 24/7 for all your emergency locksmith needs.

Eagle Locksmith: Locksmith Services in Seattle

  • Eagle Locksmith, Seattle Services Among the many locksmith companies, our company, Eagle Locksmith, serves this great city with pride, diligence, and reliability. We are the Locksmith everyone can be proud of. Our company is family owned and operated with a one of a kind service that is second to none in Seattle, Washington. We are safe locksmith service that can provide professional service in unlocking and matching keys and locks to automobiles, commercial businesses, and residences. Remember, our services do not end there because our company and team are available 24/7 for any and all of your emergency locksmith Seattle needs. We are ready, willing, and able so just give us a call and we will be right there for you.


Eagle Locksmith, Seattle Services

  • With this service the same pretty much goes as the home services. Although this doesn’t happen as often as homes, people still get locked out of their businesses. Sometimes the business owner may have to release a worker and most company policies require the company to change all the locks on every door after each termination. Maybe a business has been broken into and for safety purposes we also changed the locks on every door. We also can provide spare keys for any additional workers where’s the business owner may hire. The same applies here as for homes, all we will need is just a name, phone number, identification, and information for safety reasons.

Car Key Replacement


  • Sometimes those old car keys can get worn and not unlock the vehicle anymore. Some of the keyless entry push button remotes quit working and either need a new battery or just a whole replacement. It’s possible those keys can be misplaced, lost or stolen and you just need a new one. That’s where we come in to save the day on this as well. Whether it be an old fashioned metal key or the keyless entry we can get you set up with a new key for any make or model on your vehicle. For this service, the only information we will need is your name, the VIN number, the make and model of your vehicle, and proof of ownership for safety reasons.

24 Hour

Locksmith Seattle

  • Always remember that we are here for you rain or shine, 24/7, 365. We always have somebody available to take your call and information. Once we receive your information someone will be on their way to assist you in hardly no time at all. If it is not an emergency we can also take your call and schedule an appointment for a time and date at your convenience where we can come and serve you. We realize the anxiety and headaches losing keys or getting locked out can cause and we want to be the solution to your problem. With our round-the-Clock service, 24 hours a day, we can take our knowledge and skills to better serve the Seattle area.


Eagle Locksmith, Seattle Services

  • When you lock your keys out of your home, business, or vehicle it is always an emergency. We guarantee you the best Emergency Locksmith Seattle has to offer. Majority of the time, the public does not have to pay out of pocket cost as the majority of people today have Roadside Assistance Insurance which is covers the cost our services. This can also be a great stress reliever as many people do not have the cash or credit on hand. We work with the insurance companies to get paid so all you have to worry about is getting your reimbursement once our service is completed and you are completely satisfied.


Eagle Locksmith, Seattle Services

  • We are also the Car Locksmith Seattle can be proud of as well because it’s never too early or too late to give us a call. Statistics show that more people nowadays are locking their keys inside their cars. This can also happen due to a low battery as some people also known to keep their keys on them at all times. Let’s face it, this can happen to anyone whether you meant it to happen or not. It is just one of those things that can happen on bad days, as soon as you hear that door shuts, you realize the push button on the keyless entry doesn’t work or you realize your keys are locked inside the vehicle. But that’s okay, we’re here to help you and save the day by getting you back inside your car. All we will need is a little information on the make and model of your vehicle, your location, name, and phone number, and once we unlock the vehicle we will need to see your registration for safety reasons, and we will have you on your way.


Eagle Locksmith, Seattle Services

  • Along with vehicles, sometimes people get locked outside their homes as well. This can also happen to anyone and it has happened more then people realize. Should this ever happen, we can unlock your deadbolts and the doorknobs in little to no time at all. Our service does not just cover if lock yourself out the house. We also can make new keys and new locks for your house if ever they need to be changed for any safety reasons. All we ask is that there is some way to show proof that the home is yours if you are locked out for safety reasons and your name, address and phone number. If you need spare keys to give to friends, neighbors, or other family members we can help you with that too.