Dr. Yoram Kohanzadeh, DDS


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Dr. Yoram Kohanzadeh, DDS

Dr. Yoram Kohanzadeh, DDS

Dr. Yoram Kohanzadeh is trilingual, speaking English, Spanish, and Persian/Farsi. He believes it is important to be able to communicate with his patients and their parents himself, as he feels it is important to let his patients know that he is interested in their care. He is energetic and greatly enjoys orthodontics and working with his patients to deliver them their unique smile and to positively reinforce their self-image.

He is a graduate of UMDNJ’s Orthodontic program, now Rutgers University Hospital. He selected a 3-year postgraduate residency, as opposed to the old 2-year programs. And he was the craniofacial resident who worked on the patients with multiple specialty doctors in the care of special needs patients, such as those with cleft lip and palates. He obtained both his DDS and BS from our local UCLA. He is involved with many local programs and societies. He even goes to local schools and helps on dental awareness days with other specialists and the general dentists. He has been involved in providing free care internationally and has done so in Mexico as well. He is part of the AAO, PCSO, and CAO. He is currently a committee member of the NYM board of the PCSO. He prides himself on providing all aspects of orthodontic care in a skillful and professional manner.

Dr. Yoram Kohanzadeh, DDS, Persian Orthodontist in Beverly Hills, CA

Our prestigious Orthodontist is a two time graduate of UCLA, where he received his Bachelor of Science and his Doctorate of Dental Surgery. He finished his orthodontic training at UMDNJ and has practiced in New Jersey and New York. Iranian dentist

While on the east coast he taught and provided lectures at UMDNJand at New York’s Montefiore Hospital Orthodontic Program. We are happy to say that he is now established in Southern California and provides orthodontic treatment in*house for our patients.

He is trained and uses a variety of orthodontic modalities. These include the newest techniques and brackets such as self*ligating brackets and in the use of orthodontic TADs (temporary anchorage devices).

  • We offer the whole array of orthodontics:
  • Phase I – Interventive treatment for young children
  • Phase II – Teenage and Adult treatment
  • Ceramic/Cosmetic Brackets
  • Invisalign®
  • Limited treatment and retainer treatment