Dr. Robert Zarabi, DDS | Dental Surgeon


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Dr. Robert Zarabi, DDS | Dental Surgeon

Dr. Robert Zarabi, DDS | Dental Surgeon, New York, NY

Dr. Robert Zarabi is a highly-skilled restorative and dental surgeon practicing in Midtown East, New York. Dr. Zarabi has a diligent eye and strives to provide the highest standard of attentive dental care for patients in the surrounding New York communities.

Dr. Zarabi has extensive, diverse experience in practice and education, and after attending George Washington University in Washington, D.C., he went on to obtain his dental degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

Ever interested in periodontics – the branch of dentistry that involves the structures supporting and surrounding the teeth

– Dr. Zarabi received additional training in periodontics at New York Medical College and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

Dr. Zarabi resides in New York, and with the help of his dental team, he provides compassionate care ranging from routine exams to teeth whitening and cosmetic and implant dentistry.

In a comfortable office environment, Dr. Zarabi treats patients with the time, respect, and individual consideration they deserve.No matter if you’re on a quest for a snowy Hollywood smile, or in need of a dental cleaning, Dr. Zarabi is welcoming new patients. Call or schedule your consultation online.

Dr. Robert Zarabi, DDS, Iranian Periodontal Surgeon in New York

Restorative & Periodontal Surgeon located in Midtown East & Sutton Place, New York City, New York

Bleeding gums are a cause for concern and they’re a symptom that many people ignore. They can often be a sign of progressing periodontal disease.

The final destination can be tooth decay and even tooth loss. Dr. Robert Zarabi is a trained oral surgeon and a qualified dentist with many years of diagnosing the cause of bleeding gums for patients in Midtown East, New York. If you have bleeding gums, it’s important you book a dental checkup to rule out gum disease. Click or call to book online.

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry uses different methods to manage anxiety and pain that some patients can feel in regards to necessary upcoming dental procedures.

For you to receive important dental care, three types of sedation dentistry can be used to put you at ease, so you stay in the dental chair. What are the different types of sedation dentistry?

Oral sedation is the most commonly used form of sedation and it involves medications that create a calming state and enable patients to relax. With oral sedation, you’re usually conscious to the point where you’re responsive to verbal commands and physical stimulation. You feel drowsy and are essentially in a near sleep-like state. Oral conscious sedation is only recommended for patients over the age of 18.

The other two types of sedation dentistry are inhalation, or relative analgesia, and IV sedation. With inhalation sedation, you inhale the sedative as a gas, such as nitrous oxide, through a nose or mouthpiece on a special mask.

Intravenous, or IV sedation, is often used for more invasive dental procedures, such as extractions, implant surgery, gum surgery, and root canals.

Dr. Zarabi places a small catheter into a vein in your arm or leg and administers medications through an IV until the appropriate level of sedation is attained. IV sedation works quickly in a matter of minutes as the medication is directly administered into your bloodstream.