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Dr Pejman PourArbab | Chiropractic

Dr Pejman PourArbab | Chiropractic: Neo Chiro United Chiropractic: Dr Pejman PourArbab, also known as; “ Dr PJ.” is a Dual-Board Certified and Licensed Chiropractic Physician, Dual-Certified and Mastered in Physical Medicine Manual Procedure and Therapeutic Modalities. He is also a Certified Physiotherapist.

He was one of the final groups of graduates from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in April of 1999 before it became Southern California University of Health and Sciences.

Prior to entering a clinical internship, Dr PJ.’s focus was on other means of manipulation than the mainstream spinal adjustments, exercises, and use of electronic devices. Hence, for the past 20 years, Dr.

PJ. has developed a combination of evidence-based clinical procedures which have produced superior outcomes in clinical or “Objective” and patient or “Subjective” aspects achieving not only immediate relief of pain (typically, starting Day 1), increased strength, vitality, and performance at the Core-level helping the Frame stay “FIT”, while optimizing true health (Well-Being).

“…Clinical success in any Medical/Healthcare Profession is achieved and obtained only when Subjective aspect meets the Objective aspect…or, the opposite, whichever comes first…!”

His newest development is Facial Soft-Tissue Reconstructive Techniques done by targeting and treating weak points throughout the various supporting mechanisms of the face, jaws, neck, and shoulders providing support and vitality (Fuel) back to those areas. California chiropractors directory

Dr PJ. stimulates self-healing via supporting and refuelling the weakened and inactive sources within the Frame of the Body increasing body’s ability to be able to reproduce its own medicine, the way our bodies were designed to overcome disease and distress. Dr PJ. has owned and operated Body Care Clinic (2000) and Neo Chiro United (2008) in Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ.

Two individual private practices focusing on chronic pain and patients with multiple types and degrees of Physical Disability and/or Dysfunction.

In 2001, he met Mina whom at the time was a Licensed Massage and Craniosacral Therapist. Together, they have managed to build a highly successful and reputable practice that has helped change many people’s lives, here in San Diego, Arizona, AND, newly established clinic located in Irvine, CA — Patients and their Loved Ones.

Mina utilizes her knowledge and background in the psychological aspects of both emotional and physical injuries (Psychosomatic Rehabilitation) that has helped tremendously with creating an opportunity for even faster and smoother recoveries during patient’s rehabilitation process.