Dr. Nasrin M Ghahramani, DDS


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Dr. Nasrin M Ghahramani, DDS

Dr. Nasrin M Ghahramani, DDS

She is a Dentist primarily located in Roseville, CA. Her specialties include General Dentistry. She speaks English.

Our goal is to achieve and maintain optimum dental health for you and your family. Our practice offers complete family dentistry with personalized attention and individual dental care. It is our privilege and responsibility to provide a unique and inviting experience for every patient.

We are a full-service general and restorative dental practice, offering a range of services for the entire family.

Dr. Nasrin Ghahramani is a graduate of the University of Detroit Mercy in Michigan with 24 years of experience in general and cosmetic dentistry for both adults and children.Dr. Nasrin practiced preventive and family and cosmetic dentistry in Michigan for more than 21 years of emphasizing patients comfort and satisfaction. She is continuing her practice in California in her new dental office, Roseville Smiles Family Dentistry.

Dr. Nasrin actively participates in conferences and continuing education opportunities in order to provide her patients with the most advanced and best possible dental care.Dr. Nasrin welcomes you to her dental practice, Roseville Smiles Family Dentistry. She would like to earn your trust and confidence.

Dr. Nasrin M Ghahramani, DDS, Iranian/Persian Cosmetic Dentist in Michigan

Dental X-rays are pictures of the teeth, bones, and soft tissues around them to help find problems with the teeth, mouth, and jaw. X-ray pictures can show cavities, hidden dental structures (such as wisdom teeth), and bone loss that cannot be seen during a visual examination.

Dental X-rays may also be done as a follow-up after dental treatments. Our office digital system delivers the most sophisticated and powerful image processing pre-set filters available to improve diagnostic efficiency.

You may be somewhat familiar with how the Invisalign® treatment works, but we’d like to take you through each step of the treatment process, from consultation to confident smile. Whether you’re considering treatment for yourself or someone else, knowing more about the entire process can help you be more confident in your decision to choose Invisalign and enjoy a better smile every day.

During the consultation, we will discuss your case in detail to determine if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign (see Treatable Cases). Invisalign now addresses many cases, from simple to more complex. We will determine if Invisalign is right for you. This will also be your opportunity to ask any questions about Invisalign, costs, dental/orthodontic insurance, or any other concerns.

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