Dr Marjan Monfared, MD | CA


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Dr Marjan Monfared, MD | CA

Dr Marjan Monfared, MD | CA:  At ABC Children’s Clinic we love kids! That is why we are passionate about giving your child the best medical care from infancy to young adulthood. We strive to make sure that with every visit, every concern is addressed and answered.

We know that raising children can be challenging, but together, we will go hand in hand on this rewarding journey…

Helping our kids grow healthy and strong! We invite you and your family to come meet us.

After completing medical school and residency, Dr. Monfared practiced taking care of children of all ages in primary care, hospital, and pediatric urgent care settings.

With having experienced a variety of office settings, Dr. Monfared made an effort to open a pediatric practice that is efficient, courteous, honest and accessible to patients in Orange County. She takes a hands-on approach in treating each child individually.

As no child is the same as the next.

With support and proper education, Dr. Monfared advocates our parents to help our kids grow healthy and thrive for a better future.Dr. Monfared is married with 2 kids. During her spare time, she enjoys cooking and being with her family

Why Are Vaccines Important?

Immunizations protect children. Vaccine-preventable diseases can have dangerous consequences, including seizures, brain damage, blindness and even death.

Because of the success of the national immunization program, many young parents today have never seen a case of one of these illnesses, but measles, meningitis, chickenpox, pertussis and other diseases exist in the world and would re-emerge here if immunization rates fell.

For example, recent outbreaks of measles in the U.S. were traced to unvaccinated children who became infected while traveling in Europe.

Likewise, it would only take one case of polio from another country to bring the disease back to the U.S. if children are not protected by vaccination.