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Dr Hossein Ahmadi

Dr Hossein Ahmadi Persian Doctor in Woodland Hills, CA

My name is Hossein Ahmadi, I will tell you my past memories. I developed my diabetes when I was a child and I was saddened by my life.

My mother was suffering from diabetes, which lost her eyes because of her eyes and died, and my brother was suffering from diabetes.

Treatment was not effective. I had another friend, Mr. Khorsand, the head of the Zahedan airport, who also had diabetes.

First, damage to the toe and the wrists, and also rose to break their legs and died in previous years. (Persian Doctor in Los Angels)

In 1984 I went to Switzerland to Switzerland and decided to change my lifestyle. With many studies and experience on my own, I have been in control for 20 years now.

Dr Hossein Ahmadi has been controlling my diabetes without eating medicines.

I am 87 years old now, energetically and without the boredom of my life with my wife and my five children and

my grandchildren and my children and grandchildren are very happy with having such a healthy father.

If you are determined to make changes in your life, contact Dr Hossein Ahmadi