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Dr. Delaram Hanookai

Dr. Delaram Hanookai, Periodontist & Dental Implant Specialist:

Sherman Oaks Dentists, Dr. Abaian, and Dr. Hanookai form an unbeatable dental team as their skills complement each other perfectly to achieve a more youthful, natural and gorgeous smile. According to Cosmetic Dentist, the best dental implant specialist

Dr. Abaian, “Dr. Hanookai is an excellent surgeon and Periodontist, so she is able to deal with any structural problem in the gums and bones that support teeth and crowns.

I can craft beautiful crowns and veneers that work harmoniously to create a balanced, comfortable, and beautiful smile. Together, we restore smiles.”

Dental Implants •Ridge Augmentation •Sinus Lift •Gum Grafts •Treatment of Periodontal Disease •Bone Grafts •Bacterialogical Studies •Crown Lengthening •Treatment of Gingival Overgrowth •Biopsy •Frenectomy •Ortho Exposure

Here at Southland Dental Care in Sherman Oaks, we accept major credit cards and many dental insurance plans. We’ll work with you to do everything we can to maximize your insurance coverage and to keep any remaining balance affordable.

Call our office at (818) 788-8787 to talk to us about what care your insurance benefits may cover. We also offer interest-free financing to qualified patients and work with a selection of third-party patient finance companies to help you find the best option for you.

When the husband and wife team of Dr. Michael Abaian and Dr. Delaram Hanookai decided to start a dental practice in Sherman Oaks, they wanted to be certain that the practice they established would meet the highest possible standards for patients, providing world-class dental treatment that was beautiful, comfortable, and affordable. At Southland Dental Care, they have done just that.

The office provides a beautiful, relaxing, and spa-like environment for their patients. It is equipped with the most current high-tech services available, making rapid and comfortable dental transformations a reality.

Dental Implant Specialist. (Persian Dentist Los Angeles)

And because Dr. Hanookai is an expertly-trained and respected implant dentist and periodontist, and Dr. Abaian is a highly-trained and excellent cosmetic dentist, they are able to provide complete dental care for their patients, rapidly, and in a single location.