Dr. Amir Sedaghat, DDS, PC


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Dr. Amir Sedaghat, DDS, PC

Dr. Amir Sedaghat, DDS, PC

he has an interesting and unique history for an endodontist. Doctor of Dental Surgery

At the age of 13, approximately 8 years after a change of regime in Iran, Dr. Sedaghat escaped, over mountains and rivers, to Turkey. Working his way out of Turkey for four months, he reached Switzerland and after two months he made his way to Austria. He survived in Austria for a year and a half, where he taught himself German and put himself through school. At age 15, he finally made his way to New York, where he was later reunited with his parents after they fled Iran.

Once in New York, He learned a new language, obtained a part-time job, and attended high school. He then continued his education at Yeshiva University where he was a pre-dentistry major. His passion for dentistry grew and he attended Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine which was followed by his residency at Booth Memorial Hospital.

He then spent two enjoyable years in the Stony Brook Post Graduate Endodontic Program, where he received training in cutting edge endodontic thinking, techniques and skills. He excels in the techniques of diagnostics, microscopy, oral surgery, ultra-Sonics, rotary instrumentation, and electronics.

Dr. Amir Sedaghat, DDS, PC, Persian/Iranian Endodontist in New York

Throughout his career, He has worked hard to earn the respect of his peers and colleagues. Driven by a desire to serve the needs of his patients, Dr. Sedaghat decided to join a private endodontic practice in Great Neck where he continues to develop strong relationships with colleagues, patients, and their families.

He currently holds a position as Clinical Attending in the endodontic department at North Shore University Hospital and Long Island Jewish Hospital. He received the clinical attending award for two consecutive years and has published articles on topics such as abiogenesis and apexification and non-surgical retreatment and post-removal techniques. He is an active member of:

He believes in being gentle, compassionate and sincere. He has a great sense of humor and is driven to make the patient’s experience a positive one!

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