Dr. Adam McCluskey


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Dr. Adam McCluskey

Welcome to The PT Initiative!

I’m Dr. Adam McCluskey, here to guide you toward a pain-free life with effective solutions.

Struggling with nagging pain? Ready to move better and feel better?

If you’ve tried countless stretches without relief, The PT Initiative is designed for YOU.

You’ve attempted various solutions, but the missing pieces leave your body incomplete.

Let me assist you in fixing your body 100%. Scroll down for resources and start your journey to REAL results!

Dr. Adam McCluskey, PT, DPT, the brains behind The PT Initiative, wants to empower you.

Need help with Low Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain, or a Full Body Tune Up?

Choose your path, and let’s get you fixed up—no need for special equipment.

Meet the team driving The PT Initiative:

Dr. Adam McCluskey, PT, DPT, the founder, started this initiative in 2017 to transform lives globally.

He’s on a mission to help you move better, feel better, and workout pain-free.

Kelsey Kite, our Front Desk Receptionist and Administrative Assistant, joined in September 2022.

A Florida State University graduate in Communications, she brings her skills to make your experience exceptional.

April McLaurin, our Graphic Designer and Branding Specialist, joined in November 2020.

Passionate about creativity, she shapes the vision of The PT Initiative through designs and marketing.

Ready to bulletproof your body? Let’s begin your journey to a pain-free, active life!