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Doosti International Immigration

Doosti International Immigration & naturalization service in Toronto, Ontario

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Member of

Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants

Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants(CAPIC)

Iranian Candian Association of Immigration Consultants(ICAIC)

Family sponsorship

Independent (skilled workers)

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Business Class (Investors, Entrepreneurs, Self-employed)

  • University Admissions
  • Study Permit & Visa Extention
  • Temporary Resident Permit (TRP)
  • The opening of Bank Accounts
  • Citizenship & name change
  • Private & Business Invitations
  • Other Related Services
  • Doosti Sabah: R409967

The Doosti international immigration Inc. offers a comprehensive immigration service: from the moment we evaluate your file and take it in charge, we work closely with you to prepare and verify all the necessary information before sending it to Immigration Canada, after which we handle all correspondence in your name.

We will assist you with your application and guide you through all the required procedures, whichever immigration category you intend to apply for: from skilled worker application to a student visa, we consider our job is done only when you get the visa! We will send you a questionnaire to fill in in order to evaluate your personal situation.

If we consider you have chances, we will take you as a client Our services include A realistic evaluation of your situation that takes into account your personal circumstances; Advice and helps on completing government forms and regarding supporting documentation; Resolving obstacles you may face and dealing with the Canadian government on your behalf

Tracking the progress of your application; Arrangements for required contributions in the case of business immigration; Fees include all professional services, consultations, and mail correspondence costs!

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