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Doctor Home Inspections

Doctor Home Inspections 

Iranian/Persian Building Inspections & Consulting in Vancouver, BC

Meet an inspector: Dr Kamyar Ajdari Lic.# 50027 Certified, trained and insured home inspector

Finding a good inspector with the proper training can be tough!! I have the training, experience and certifications required to be the best Inspector. The main type of report I use is a narrative type report.

I do not believe in giving my clients a checkbox type of report. You hire me to use my skills and trade to explain the problems/defects, how they affect the home and how to resolve the problems.

Iranian Home Inspection Inc in Vancouver

I do this in a professionally formatted report with full detailed colour photos pointing out the problems so the report is clear and precise. I believe the reporting method I use is the best in the industry.

My past experience in construction and management, combined with the highest university education and training, makes me that unique individual with a technical mind and looking to details approach. I will exceed your expectations through creative thinking and desire for excellence at all times.

Excellent communication skills, including listening to the client’s needs and sharing essential information in a timely manner, are my strengths. This has allowed me to create a solid and loyal client base.

Some brief information about me: Instructor, AHIT, Home Inspection Program Certified, trained and insured with General Liability and E&O insurance BCIPI Member ASTTBC Member UBC & SFU Research Associate Home Inspection Business Owner.

(Not a franchise) Experienced contractor More than 30 publications in different journals and newspaper.

A home inspection is comparable to going to the family doctor for a physical.

The doctor will do a “general” exam of the patient. If any problems are found, then the G.P. will send the patient to a specialist.

I am a Home doctor, If symptoms of a problem are found, I will recommend a specialist.

Kam was very professional and personable while performing my home inspection.

He gave me great advice and found problems that would have cost me thousands of dollars later on. His knowledge of homes was very impressive. I would highly recommend him as a professional home inspector.