Daryani Fine Bakery


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Daryani Fine Bakery

Daryani Fine Bakery

Super Daryani: Supermarket is YOUR Shop Around The Corner. Come & See us Today or Contact Us!

At Super Daryani supermarket we provide all natural products homemade fresh & daily. With over 5 years of experience, we specialize in sandwiches & appetizers, stews and kebabs, Persian soups, and tasty fresh breads and rolls. We are a full line supermarket offering both retail and wholesale services.

At Super Daryani we have always paid attention to a fast, friendly service. We offer the fastest checkout in town without the hassle of long lines, because we know your time is highly precious.

By purchasing our groceries for the lowest prices possible and then passing those deals on to you we try to take the hassle out of your shopping. At SuperDaryani we know that price really matters to you, not just on one or two special products but on getting the best value possible for your weekly grocery shopping needs.

Our vision is to be competitive with a foundation in the delivery of high quality services based on an innovative and dynamic culture with a flexible and quick response to the current market.

The real difference is in our point attitude! Our aim is to satisfy you, our customer.

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Our Stores

Our stores are not the big supermarkets that take all day to shop, but you can find those hard to locate favorites you thought were no longer available. We offer many different name brands to choose from in sizes to fit your needs, not just a store brand.

More Services

We will continue adding more and more services in our stores, to make life a little more convenient for our customers. We will keep offering exclusive savings every day, and will keep listening to our customers, to bring them what they want most in a supermarket.

Thanks for visiting & don’t forget to check out our weekly special products.