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Daniel Kazemi, Immigration Lawyer in Gothenburg

best Iransk Advokat in Göteborg, Sweden (Rejected Listings), Iranian Lawyer


  • University of Gothenburg
  • Degree Name Master of Laws (LL.M.) Field of Study, Law.

Afterwards, Daniel Kazemi works at Kennedy Law Firm. Generally, we have many years of experience in helping people in vulnerable situations.

Areas of Law: Iranian divorce lawyer near me

Criminal law: Persian immigration lawyer

Law on institutional care of juveniles, institutional care of us

Right to Asylum Language English Persian

Daniel Kazemi, Best Immigration Lawyer in Gothenburg, Sweden,
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Iranian Immigration Lawyer Practice Areas:
At Kennedy Advokatbyrå, we mainly undertake assignments in criminal matters, family law, social law, and migration law.


Therefore, we take on assignments as public defenders for those of you who are suspected of a crime,
That is to say, prosecuting assistants of guilt for crimes against you,
Further, as special representatives for Crime against Children.
Meanwhile, in families where parents get into disputes with their children, we take on assignments as agents.
Likewise, of legal aid in these contests and assistance in matters relating to custody and access Similarly, Social.
In short, social services care for rights. Namely, we take on assignments as a publicity assistant for the parents and as a public assistant for the child.
We also undertake assignments as public help for persons who are being cared for because
of substance abuse problems and for persons who need help regarding psychiatric or forensic psychiatric compulsory care.

MIGRATION LAW, Iranian lawyer near me

Thus, we undertake assignments as a public assistant for persons seeking a residence permit in Sweden, but, nevertheless, for persons taken into custody.
For other types of assignments, you are welcome to contact us.
Daniel Kazemi, Best Immigration Lawyer in Gothenburg, Sweden, Best Iransk advocate in Göteborg, Sweden, ?????? ????? ?????? ?? ???????