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Cyrus Mansouri

Mansouri & Son Solicitors, Iranian lawyer in London

Cyrus Mansouri is a dynamic, versatile and approachable firm of solicitors based in London. We pride ourselves in delivering results through excellence. All of our solicitors are highly qualified and have extensive experience in their fields of specialty.

Iranian Immigration Lawyer: The principal of the firm. Iranian Lawyer

To clarify, He has over 23 years of hands-on experience in many areas of general practice law.
However, provides his clients with a one-stop Platinum Standard of legal service from the start of their matter through to advocacy before Magistrates, District Judges, Circuit Judges and Immigration Judges throughout England & Wales.

Dr. Cyrus Mansouri: Persian immigration lawyer

Consequently, where your matter requires representation at the Crown Court, High Court, Appellate Court or Supreme Court. To clarify, we work closely with all the leading barristers Chambers in London.
We will certainly take a proactive and sensible approach to help you to solve your legal problems, leaving you to recover your life. Likewise, we have extensive expertise in more complex cases involving substantial matrimonial assets and further, tricky child cases, as well as 30 years’ experience in UK immigration law and practice.

Furthermore, we have provided a candid and detailed breakdown of our fee structure at the commencement of your matter, and our hourly and fixed fee rates are extremely carnivorous. Our fixed fee face-to-face consultation fee is £200 plus VAT. Where you instruct us in relation to your matter, we will deduct this from your future bill of costs.

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In short, For over sixty years, the partners of Mansouri & Son Solicitors have provided trusted legal advice and help to For example: businesses, families, and individuals across the world.
In the meantime, we pride ourselves on Delivering Results for our clients Through Excellence. Certainly, we are now the internet’s leading matrimonial, divorce and family law practice.
Above all, we have teams of specialist lawyers.
They are equipped to meet all the demands of a twenty-first-century legal practice.
So, without compromising our trusted tradition of providing a supportive, friendly and personal service to every one of our clients.

Cyrus Mansouri; Iranian lawyer near me

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