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Cyrus Artisan Rugs | Bloomington, MN

Cyrus Artisan Rugs | Minnesota

Rug store in Bloomington, Minnesota

As a major player in the rug industry, it has one of the largest and most diverse collections of premium handcrafted carpets in the country. Sourced from expert artisans and renowned designers from around the world, our top-quality rugs come in many styles, colors, sizes, and shapes—so you can choose the perfect rug to suit your personal style and practical needs.

It is the largest online retailer of designer handmade rugs and Oriental carpets.

Bringing you the finest selection of handmade rugs since 1885. Luxury designer rugs online and in our Minneapolis Area Showroom.

For the past few decades, Cyrus has been investing in the finest creative minds in the artisan rug industry and has commissioned its own private, branded collections. Cyrus Rugs has since established itself as the largest online retailer of handmade designer rugs and Oriental carpets, featuring exclusive collections of traditional, transitional, contemporary, and tribal area rugs from internationally recognized designers and manufacturers. Since 1885, It has been sharing the history, culture, and art of artisan rugs with the world. Today, those years of experience have manifested into a one-of-a-kind company dedicated to originality, quality and ultimately the satisfaction of its customers.

Design the rug of your dreams with our famous build-to-order program, and clean, repair or appraise your current collection while browsing our vast inventory of traditional and contemporary designs.

Cyrus also provides expert services to the Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St.Paul area for cleaning, repair and appraisals of all your handmade rugs. Please visit for more info, or stop by the showroom in Minneapolis, Minnesota to experience the full collection in person.

Cyrus Rugs is the largest online retailer of the finest handcrafted designer rugs and oriental carpets in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Founded in 1885, the premier company started out as a family business in Iran before breaking into the international market and exhibiting artisan pieces in major cities like London and New York.