Coochini Cafe


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Coochini Cafe

Is Best Persian Restaurant in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Our Story

Ultimate dining experience like no other

Simply put, we love food and take pleasure in making people happy.

At Cafe we serve homemade burgers, Persian style sandwiches and plates. All made and served with love. We also serve cold beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages

We await you to come and enjoy our cakes, sweets, tea and coffee in a unique and cosy atmosphere. Our goal is for you to enjoy your time while here.

Coochini Cafe | Top Persian Restaurant in Richmond Hill, ON, CA

Coochini Originating from a rich culture that began almost 2000 years before classical Greece, Persian cuisine is the result of merging Persian culinary traditions with those of neighbouring societies, resulting in tastes and characteristics all in its own.Abbas Jamali

It is a health and lifestyle Restaurant in Richmond Hill. We venture to create a modern approach to an olden persian tradition-one meal at a time.

What began as a personal passion has grown into a small business that caters to cafes & coffee shops in Toronto, local businesses and private parties.

Our food is freshly made with the finest ingredients and free from added preservatives & artificial flavouring. Wherever possible, we source organic options and are proud to be working with small, local, artisan food producers.