Cleveland House | Hollywood, FL 


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Cleveland House | Hollywood, FL

Cleveland House | Hollywood, FL 

Halfway house in Hollywood, Florida

A Beautiful Men’s Recovery Facility to help with Drug and Alcohol Addictions

Why Cleveland House will help with your Recovery

You will be able to live in an environment free from drugs and alcohol.

At our Men’s Halfway house, your recovery is our primary focus. Our goal is to make sure you feel right at home and we have helped thousands of friends like you in their journey to get clean!There are amazing facilities that will make your recovery journey more enjoyable. With each passing day, you will find joy in staying sober as you listen to different success stories.With the ocean just 100 steps away from our location, you will always have a “Searene” and pleasant experience.

Cleveland House | Hollywood, FL, Addictions Treatment Center in Florida

Focused Effort on your recovery:

  • To ensure that every concerned person takes part in your recovery, we keep our lines of communication open. Our recovery center’s management will keep in touch with your family and private therapist to ensure that everyone participates.Our director, Alan Rubin personally relates with the residents and will be a friend that will tell you it is possible to regain your sobriety. The mentorship programs also play a huge role in the recovery young agreement organization strength deal

Mentorship & SponsorshipMentorship & Sponsorship:

  • To fully support you in your recovery, our recovery center has a mentorship program where you will associate with like-minded people. The senior residents will also assist you to get sponsorship which will further aid in your recovery.The more you attend the mentorship programs, the stronger you will be in your determination to remain sober.

Cleveland House helps adolescents and adults who struggle with alcohol and drug addiction or substance concerns. We also offer the most effective addictions treatment program and best Sober Living in Hollywood Florida. For more information about our treatment program or the admissions process, please call us today.Cleveland House320 Cleveland St, Hollywood, FL

Alcoholic Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous Meetings:

All meetings are open and held poolside. At the Sober Living In Hollywood Florida, camaraderie runs high. Senior residents assist newcomers in getting to outside meetings and help them find sponsors and support groups, like the West side men’s group every Thursday night at 730 PM.