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Catering LA | Los Angeles

Best Catering Service in Los Angeles

Catering LA, We have flexible options and menus to choose from for all events and occasions.
Smaller Persian & Meditteranean Catering Services available daily for pick up at our Chelo Restaurant in Van Nuys, California.
Larger events and orders will need to be scheduled ahead of time. Our Customized Catering Services include Persian,
Meditteranean, Italian, Greek, All-American, BBQ, Fruit Centerpieces or Full Table Decors, and more!
Our experienced chefs come from a background of culinary mastery and specialize in catering for parties,
events, gatherings, and weddings of any size and capacity. Private Chef Services are available as well!
Please feel free to call if you have questions about any of our services or if you would like to make an order!

We Believe in Delicious & Elegant Food

We are LA’s premier catering service option with a wide variety of options ranging from Persian & Meditteranean to Italian & French! The sky is the limit.
We have been at the heart of Culinary Arts and Catering since the early 2000s, and we proudly serve the Los Angeles community!
Our Restaurant, Chelo, is conveniently located in Van Nuys, California. We offer Dine-in, Take-out, and Catering Services for all of Los Angeles.
We readily have catering orders available for pick-up daily. If you want us to cater and serve for your next event,

Catering LA

you will need to call us @ (818) 809-2391 to schedule your event with us.
Our chef Saeed Mastoory has mastered his craft throughout the years, and he’s now sharing his passion for food with the Los Angeles Community.
Chef Saeed has years of experience in the culinary world, having completed culinary school and cooked for celebrity icons nationwide.
Though our restaurant is a Persian and Meditteranean fusion, we are not limited to Persian and Mediterranean when catering for events and gatherings.
Chef Saeed can customize a menu based on your needs and desires.