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Caspian Wave

Caspian Wave | American/Iranian Long distance Telecommunication Services in Thornhill, ON 

Our service: PIN-LESS Account Home and Business Telephone Carrier Services Toll-Free and DID Services Virtual Office PBX Services Long Distance Calling Card

Caspian Wave is based in Toronto, Canada. Our company began after many years of experience in the telecom and long distance calling industry. We continue to grow larger day-by-day. Join us and be a part of our growing family.

Caspian Wave is based in Toronto, Canada.

Iranian Long distance Telecommunication Services in Thornhill

The reason for its success is the quality of connection, uninterrupted calls, and exceptional customer service. It is “The Way” to reunite people all around the world. Try our services today and you’ll NEVER go back.

24-Hour Technical Support Department – Resolves any problems you may have with our system 24/7.

Creative Department – Brings new ideas to make long distance calling easier and more affordable for consumers. Marketing Department

– Develops plans to distribute our products all over the US and Canada. Financial Department – Takes care of billing and financial needs. IT Department – Maintains our website and resolves web related problems.

Our mission is to connect families and friends, from all over the world, together with by providing affordable rates, uninterrupted calls, and easy connectivity.

We are actively recruiting aggressive and detail oriented salesperson with a passion to distribute “US & Canada’s Best” long distance calling cards to retails. We offer great work conditions and one of a kind working environment.