Cando Buffet Restaurant, Goteborg, Se


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Cando Buffet Restaurant, Goteborg, Se

Cando Buffet Restaurant, Goteborg, Se

Persian restaurant in Göteborg

“Cando” in Persian means hive“We have a large selection of different dishes from Kababs (Filet Mignon, Shish Kababs, Ground Beef skewers, Chicken Kababs, Lamb Kababs), Khoresht (Casserole served with rice: Ghorme Sabzi, Gheimeh, Fesenjon, Eggplant Stew [Bademjan]) , Polo (rice) for various soups, salads, pastries and also offers specialty drinks. “Hassan SedighiMaster boss

At Cando, we are proud to serve the best barbecue dishes of Persian culture. Come and enjoy fresh grilled meat with our special saffron rice.We welcome our guests to a family-friendly environment.

Your favorite Persian restaurantWe cook every dish with only the freshest, best ingredients, and offer only the highest quality meat and seafood dishes, served with aromatic saffron rice.With delicious dishes and a unique atmosphere, Cando is surely your favorite Persian restaurant.

The Persian cuisine has a wide and ever evolving range of different dishes, thanks to its thousands of years of heritage. We are only pleased with the best, whether it be meat, vegetables or other accessories.

Cando mainly offers dishes from Persian cuisine but also other international dishes. You can enjoy both small and large portions at our restaurant.

The restaurant was brought back to life at the beginning of the year with a new concept and style, as well as high quality food and we strive to be your number one choice for Persian food in Gothenburg.It has been our vision to create value for society by offering the best culinary experience from our culture, side by side with other international food.We are proud to offer you a familiar and friendly atmosphere where both small and large groups welcome.We look forward to your visit to the new, revived restaurant Condo on Utlandagatan 24th

Cando Restaurant serves proudly the best dishes from Persian cuisine. We cook every dish using only the freshest, finest ingredients, and provides just the meat and seafood dishes highest quality, served with aromatic saffranris.With authentic, delicious cuisine and a unique atmosphere will Cando Persian Cuisine surely become your favorite Persian restaurant.