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CAMA Gallery | Iranian Art

CAMA Gallery | Iranian Art gallery in London, England

Persian culture is amongst the oldest in the world and its influence has been far and wide. Iran has a rich artistic heritage and today many Iranian artists are attracting international attention.

Showcasing work of some of the best contemporary Iranian artists is the CAMA gallery in London’s St James Park. CAMA, which opened earlier this year, is the first gallery devoted to Iranian art.

The gallery currently has its inaugural show called Sensation on display. Iranian art, art galleries London, free art galleries London, Afshin Pirhashemi I don’t need sex The work of Iranian painter Afshin Pirhashemi examines the complexities of life in modern-day Iran.

Pirhashemi is fascinated by the role of women in contemporary society and their relationships with the world around them.

On sparse or empty backgrounds, his largely monochromatic, photo-realistic depictions nod to Gothic fantasy in an exploration of issues of social and political identity. Iranian Art gallery in London

The colors in my works date back to the history of 45-50-year old visual art’s culture in Iran and the history of painting during the Saqqakhanesh School. In the school of Saqqakhanesh, colors had a grey theme, and more vibrant colors were much less used in works of art.

Most figurative painters of this generation use colors warily, while I have the courage to use them more freely. One of the reasons for this is that using colors is compatible with my spirit.

Many people describe my works as joyful. Iranian contemporary art Hooman Derakhshandeh Lorazepam In Hooman Derakhshandeh’s Venus series, behind the calm and poised surface of his paintings one can see and hear the silent screams of the girl’s and women who for centuries have suffered repression under the heavy hands of our extreme patriarchal societies.

Whether this suppression comes from outside or the sad self-censorship within, Derakhshandeh beautifully illustrates the pain with which these women live through, day in, day out.

Pioneering market leaders in Contemporary & Modern Iranian Art. To receive information about building a collection of Persian art call 0207 183 7319.

Awarded winner for the best new gallery by the Fine Art Trade Guild.