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Blooming Smiles Dental

Blooming Smiles Dental

Iranian/Persian Cosmetic dentist in New York City

New York Farideh Kia DDS Dr. Kia had never considered the practice of dentistry as just a clinical exercise. It was, for her, the practice of a “caring art”, through which she can improve other people’s life. She believes that a genuinely concerned dentist should ultimately make a person feel comfortable and better.

Dr. Kia graduated from prestigious international Universities: Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) at New York University College of Dentistry with honors in family dentistry, Summa Cum Laude Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD) at Semmelweis University of Budapest, Hungary Bachelors of Science in Chemistry in Iran.

She has practiced dentistry for years in Asia, Europe, and the USA. This versatile international experience provided her with the knowledge of a wide range of dental and medical techniques and procedures. Dr. Kia did her residency at Lincoln Hospital, the Bronx affiliated with the prestigious Weill Cornell Medical College.

Lincoln hospital being a level I. trauma center, one of the busiest program in the USA has a top-notch oral surgery program. During residency, Dr. Kia worked closely with the oral surgery team and emerged in dental surgical solutions. Furthermore, during her on-calls at the emergency department, she was responsible for the professional treatment and restoration of varied face related injuries, trauma or disease.

In her second year residency, as a chief resident, she further enhanced her experience in surgical extractions, root canal therapy, and aesthetic works together with implant dentistry.

Currently, she holds a position as attending dentist at the NYC Health and Hospital Corporation, where besides treating patients, she teaches a group of dental residents Dr. Kia is a frequent international presenter.

Blooming Smiles Dental

Persian Cosmetic dentist in New York City

Her latest lectures include: ‘Aesthetic Gum Line Surgery’ at Weill Cornell Medical College, ‘Full Mouth Implant Restoration’ and ‘The Essential Aspects of Smile Design’ at Semmelweis University in Budapest. Dr. Kia is a preferred Invisalign provider.