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Bijan Persian Grill | Houston, TX

Bijan Persian Grill | Houston, TX: the Straightforward restaurant featuring authentic Persian cuisine & kebabs, plus hookah pipes.

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Neither Darband Shishkabob nor Bijan Persian Restaurant is anything new to the Mahatma Gandhi District. Yet still, most people I’ve asked in Houston claim there is no good Persian food in the city. I almost believed them after a mostly flavourless meal at the much ballyhooed Kasra Persian Grill, but in the space of three days and two meals, Darband and Bijan renewed my faith in the cooking abilities of Houston’s Iranian population. In fact, which of the two is more worthy of my recommendation is almost too close to call. In the interest of helping readers choose the correct kebab house for them, I’ve pitted the two restaurants head-to-head in a number of categories. Choose wisely, then try the other and see if you agree with me. Persian restaurant near me

AmbienceDarband: Houston’s oldest Persian restaurant, which opened in 1986, unsurprisingly has a vintage feel about. Maybe it’s the peeling plaque that shows off the restaurant’s 1991 mention in a long-discontinued magazine, or the fountain in the centre of the dining room that looks primed for a Persian version of the famous Krystle vs.

Alexis “Dynasty” fight. Otherwise, the room feels a bit like a pizzeria, but with more tantalizing, meatier smells. Bijan: A step up from a pizzeria inside, the case filled with pastries recalls the Greek diners of my northeastern youth. Even the art featuring reproductions of ancient portrayals of Gilgamesh lend a similar feel to the Hellenic tchotchkes that pervade greasy spoons. But sit outside, and it’s a different story. Bijan has a fountain too, but it’s gigantic and styled to look more like a grotto. It’s transporting, even if that trip’s destination isn’t necessarily Iran.