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Beverly Hills Dental Center | Dr. R Eshaghian

Beverly Hills Dental Center | Dr. R Eshaghian: Iranian dentist in Beverly Hills

Dentist Beverly Hills We incorporate the highest standards of dental care to transform the health of your smile. Your oral health and hygiene are linked to your overall health and well-being. A great smile isn’t just valuable to have for your self-esteem; people with good teeth are generally happier and healthier! best cosmetic dentist Beverly Hills

Dr. Eshagian and Beverly Hills Dental Center want to be your preferred dental care, provider. We provide our patients with quality treatment, involved customer care, and peace of mind when it comes to your oral health. We’re here to help build the smile of your dreams! Beverly Hills Dental Center isn’t your average dentistry. We take a great interest in each patient that visits us.

We make sure that we understand your goals whether they are aesthetic or health-related. Dentistry is about healing, caring and growing, and that’s exactly what we aim to improve. We create customized care plans for all of our patients. Iranian dentist in Beverly Hills

Each of our patients has different conditions, aesthetic goals, and health care needs. We have a long history of success because we recognize this, and help our patients using our caring, custom approach.

Dental fillings using “Amalgam” has consistently remained a topic regarding their safety and effects on overall health. Mercury has been discussed to be a known poison and is one of the most toxic elements in chemistry. Mercury can evaporate in the mouth and inhale into your body. Numerous patients and academics see this as damaging to their overall health.

Beverly Hills Dental Center, Dr. R Eshaghian

At Beverly Hills Dental Center | Dr. R Eshaghian uses safe composite dental fillings that are free of mercury and more holistically beneficial for your health. Mercury-free fillings result in reduced temperature sensitivity and are flexible in growing around the tooth structure.

In addition, amalgam fillings can make the teeth more vulnerable to damage. Composite fillings restore the natural strength of the teeth because they are directly bonded to them. This reduces the probability of experiencing tooth damage and chips. Farsi speaking dentist near me

During the treatment, composite fillings conserve a higher volume of enamel by creating a smaller hole in the teeth. The decayed areas of the teeth are removed and the fillings are applied to restore the lost enamel. The result of the treatment is an improved smile in healthy and natural appearance. We also provide white fillings that naturally look like your teeth.

In Beverly Hills, Dental Center They have closely matched to your teeth appearance and require less drilling. This is beneficial for patients with high sensitivity to intensive procedures performed on their teeth. Please schedule a consultation with us today if you’re looking for a natural restoration to treat tooth cavities.

Dental crowns are an effective means of restoring and reshaping damaged teeth. Dental crowns are used to provide your teeth with essential protection and support.

Dr. Eshaghian is an experienced dentist, you can trust that he will help you gain a beautiful and healthy smile. The doctor will recommend dental crowns whenever it is necessary.

Below are a few ways to tell if dental crowns are the right treatment for you.