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Behrang Eslami

Behrang Eslami, Persian Criminal Lawyer in Stockholm, Sweden

He works at Advokatfirman Defens, Criminal justice attorney in Stockholm, Sweden

Attorney Behrang Eslami works with criminal cases and undertakes assignments as a public defender, private defender, plaintiff and special representative for children.

Attorney Behrang Eslami also has extensive experience in civil litigation and also undertakes assignments as a representative in litigation.

Being careful, diligent and social while caring for their clients and their legal affairs with good care is Attorney Behrang Eslami’s top priority. In his spare time, Behrang spends time with family and friends and plays ice hockey.


  •     Law firm Defense since 2017
  •     The lawyers Fast & Partners in 2016
  •     Law firm Fidelity year 2015
  •     Japan Tobacco International year 2012-2015

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  •     Law degree, Stockholm University, the year 2015
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