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Bebe Image Studio, Persian Photographer in Los Angeles

Bebe Image studio is a full-service photography studio in Los Angeles established in 1998. It is owned and operated by Shahla Bebe who is an award-winning photographer.

This website presents a convenient way to inquire about a wide range of photography needs which, include material for portrait sittings, and advertising. Our team is enhanced by Shahram Sepehr; he specializes in photographing large-scale events.

As well, the website illustrates our styles, techniques, and our methods to save our clients time and to keep within the agreed upon budget. We strive to fulfil the specific needs of our clients in a relaxing and fun-filled environment.

This includes working with some of the best hairstylists, make-up artists, and a highly creative post-production review of the results to achieve maximum satisfaction.

Shahla Bebe has been a Los Angeles-based photographer since 1996. Her work is informed by her background as a graphic artist and is emotionally motivated by her socio-cultural, and environmental sensibilities. For her, photography is a way of seeing.

From this perspective, every person and everything is a complex of secrets and paradoxes not always revealed to the naked eye. To the extent that the photographer enables the lens to capture even a glimmer of this complexity, she will have given voice to an image that would speak revealingly to the viewer.

Shahla’s fine artwork has been exhibited throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Shahram Sepehr has been a professional photographer for over two decades.

His expertise is located within the genres of conventions, concerts, seminars, and the more formal journalistic wedding portraits. He is recognized for his ability to capture the emotional subtleties that motivate the exuberance of each photograph