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Bakhtiyar London | Rug Store

Bakhtiyar London | Rug Store

Persian/Iranian Oriental rug store in London, England, Leading specialists of Persian Rugs, Runners & Kilims in the UK & Europe, suppliers to major leading Retailers, Stores & International Interior

“Step into our Hampshire stores and you will find an extensive display of contemporary, vintage, and antique Persian rugs, carpets, runners and kilims, displayed in both shops.

Spend time with Masoud Mazaheri-Asadi and you will quickly discover his passion and love for the craftsmanship of the rugs he sources.

A specialist in the field and third generation in the trade, he advises auction houses, insurance firms, and institutions to identify and value Persian rugs and carpets.

Iranian Oriental rug store in London

As an authoritative figure within the industry, Masoud is often invited to share his expertise and insider knowledge with media outlets such as the BBC World Service to discuss the ever-changing market. Traveling frequently to source and commission pieces, he sees each as a unique work of art; the weavers spending innumerable hours and often years to hand-knot and complete each.

With an exceptionally great eye for color and design, Masoud works alongside leading International interior decorators, hoteliers & leading retailers across the UK to select and source Persian rugs for specialist collectors and private clients.

Why not call 01264 811033 weekdays from 10am-5pm to book a consultation or appointment. Internationally respected Persian carpet specialist Masoud Mazaheri-Asadi travels extensively to source pieces for the Hampshire gallery and London warehouse.

Bakhtiyar supplies leading London stores and UK retailers. We also work closely with interior designers both here in the UK and internationally.

Visit our Hampshire stores or London warehouse for expert advice and guidance on our large selection of hand-knotted Persian rugs, carpets, runners & kilims. We offer a range of services including home viewings, rug repair and cleaning, rug valuations, bespoke rug weaving, and rug hire.

Whether your rug requires major restoration work, cleaning and stain removal or a simple wash and repair, we’re certain we can help you. Adhering strictly to the traditional methods specific to each region of Iran, our highly experienced restoration team have worked on major restoration projects across the UK.