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Bahar&Reza | Clothing Designer

Bahar&Reza | Clothing Designer, Women’s Clothing Store in Oakwood, Ohio

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At BAHAR&REZA, you can try their new collection or ask for a unique dress designed and created for you. Redesign and bridal alteration is available too


Bahar&Reza is a fashion design company. Their boutique in Oakwood, Ohio provides their newest collocation, Custom made a gown, redesigning & Alteration Services.

BAHAR & REZA is the coming together of two minds equally inspired by ancient art and poetry of Persia (the Persian World). Bahar and Reza met while students at University in Tehran, Iran. Reza studied and got experiences in Architecture, Graphic Design and Fine Arts in Iran and the US. Bahar studied Professional Sewing and got her degree in Fashion Design in Iran.

Iranian Fashion Show in Oakwood

After uniting as man and wife, Bahar joined Reza in the United States. As they strived to make sense of life in an unfamiliar land, they each began to see how deeply rooted their own imaginations were in the imagery and history of the Persian Art.

This recognition was all they needed to begin to design a line that reflects this imagery while at the same time updating with the flair, glamour and sophistication of today’s fashions.

It is the goal of BAHAR & REZA to give life to the rich ancient art and culture of Persia. Striving to bring all the glory and magical patterns and textiles of old Persia to the ever-changing industry of modern fashion BAHAR & REZA is certain to impress the most refined individuals.

Whether you’re a fashionista or looking to explore new cultures through your clothing, Bahar & Reza is the premier online fashion house that recently opened a bricks-and-mortar showroom in Dayton, OH. Founded in 2009 by Iranian-American designers Bahar Omrani and Reza Masoudi, Bahar & Reza is a luxury line that blends rich patterns and textiles of old Persia with modern fashion.

Inspired by ancient art and poetry of Persia, the glamorous and sophisticated items at Bahar & Reza will impress even the most fashion forward. Bahar & Reza also specializes in couture pieces. In 2012, Bahar & Reza designed a dress for Iranian actress and director Leila Hatami for the red carpet. Bahar & Reza have also produced pieces for Empress H.I.M Farah Pahlavi. Women can shop for dresses, tops, pants and skirts, scarves, and jewellery.

A woman dressed in a Bahar & Reza piece is sure to make an entrance. For example, the Carnelian Dress, inspired by the Book of Kings, an epic poem narrating the history of the ancient kings of Iran, is a multicolour satin with black tulle.

The Sapphire Garden Top, a multicolour blouse in the golo morgh pattern, will turn heads. Bahar & Reza also sells stunning printed silk scarves and statement jewellery pieces. Men can choose from luxurious ties and bow ties that leave a great first — and second and third — impression. The woven silk ties, some featuring lions and other soldiers, will make any man feel successful.

The pre-tied bow ties will give any outfit a little flair. In addition to clothing and accessories, Bahar & Reza also offers custom clothing and alterations. For more information about the luxurious fashion clothing available, visit the online shop or stop by the store in Dayton, OH.

For more information about the Bahar & Reza fashion house, call (937) 294-1039. Women Fashion Clothing, Men & Women Accessories, and custom Made Gown, redesigning, fashion Consulting and professional alteration for men & women are available at their boutique in Oakwood, Ohio