Bahar Supermarket Persian food


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Bahar Supermarket Persian food

Bahar Supermarket Persian food

Bahar Persian Food & Art in Sydney

How We Got Started Bahar Persian Foods & Art Pty Ltd established operations from Church Street Ryde, in 1998 Sydney

Importation, distribution, and retail of products and ingredients used mainly in Persian cuisine led to the attraction of clients not only from Ryde but from as far as Wollongong, Newcastle, The Blue Mountains, and Canberra.

Providing specialty products, our customers are mainly fellow Australians of Iranian or Armenian backgrounds, however, Bahar has endeavored to supply more of general grocery items (normally available in larger operations such as supermarket chains ) to the broader local communities as well. The word Bahar in the Persian language means; spring – green – lively – fresh and abundance.

Our MissionBahar thankfully enjoys a good reputation in the community and within the boundaries of commercial realities, we have based our services on socially responsible while economically practical norms and principles. Bahar supports a number of Community/cultural institutions involved in the promotion of social and cultural harmony in our greater Australian society.

At Bahar Persian Foods & Art we are dedicated to providing the best of the specialty products used in Persian Cuisine, dry fruits and a high range of natural and organic products to our health-conscious clients attracted from all around the state of NSW.

Persian Arts related items such as Musical Instruments, Persian Poetry, and Persian literature books, traditional Persian music, and movies are our another area of specialty as well. Bahar is a foundation member of Ryde Chamber of Commerce which represents local businesses of Ryde.

Our Supermarket is just by the Top Ryde Shopping Centre in Ryde CBD. We are open 7 days a week and always ready for a friendly chat. Our knowledgable staff will help with any questions you have about Persian Cuisine and culture. So drop by and get all the products you need to create real Persian food.