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Austin Iranian Professionals Association


Austin Iranian Professionals Association: In order to preserve our ancient traditions and to introduce our culture to others and particularly the second generation of American-Iranians in Austin who have not had exposure to Iranian culture, AIPA organizes events to celebrate Iranian ceremonies that root in Iran’s rich culture and civilization. Our events include:

  • Norooz festival
  • Sizdah Beh Dar
  • Mehregan festival
  • Shah Yalda festival
  • Chahar Shanbeh Soori


AIPA’s main goal is to educate the American-Iranian community in Austin. AIPA organizes workshops and seminars at which experts invited by AIPA give a talk followed by Q&A.

  •  Finance / Art & Music / Legal education / Professional development / Health


AIPA is to provide American-Iranian Community with networking opportunities. To achieve this goal AIPA organizes several networking events in order to connect American-Iranian professionals within and outside the community. One of the objectives of AIPA is to help people in need. AIPA does this by helping the people in need get heard. AIPA is open to other nonprofit organizations for cooperation and facilitation of philanthropic actions. (Persian Association)


Tehran Persian Nightlife parties, night gatherings…etc The residents of Tehran are Persians who speak various dialects of Persian language. According to a 2010 census conducted by the Sociology department of Tehran University in many districts of Tehran across various social-economical classes in proportion to population sizes of each district and social-economic class, 67 % are Persians, 17 % Persian subgroups such as Luis, Gilaks, Mazandaranis, 16 % are non-Persians, – Austin Iranian Professionals Association

Iran with a history of several thousand years and a very versatile climate is an interesting place that many have yet to explore. In this video, we are covering some of the interesting and fun places that you can explore if you visit the Northern Western parts of Iran. Places covered in this video are as follows: Iran – Part 1 Golestan Kaboud-val Waterfall (Aliabad-e Katoul), Golestan National Park, Gonbad-e-Qabus Tower, Caspian Sea, Naharkhoran forest Mazandaran Mount Damavand, Veresk Bridge, Badab-e-Surt, Churet Lake, Abbas Abad Garden, Valasht Lake (Chalus), Daryasar Valley (Tonkabon), Dohezar forest, Espah Oo Waterfall, Kelardasht, Aerial Tramway of Namak Abrud Gilan Rudkhan Castle, Masuleh, Heyran village (Astara), Laton waterfall, Gisum National park (Talesh), Lahijan’s Gandola lift, Visadar Waterfall (Pareh Sar), Masal, Estil Lagoon ,

Asiab kharabeh Jolfa, anzali Lagoon, Asalem forest, Ardebil Hot Springs (Sareyn), Sheikh Safi Al-din Khanegah (Ardabil), Mugan plain, Neor Lake, Fandoghloo forest East Azerbaijan sahand mountain, bazaar of tabriz, Shah Guli, Saint Stepanos Monastery, Kandovan (Osku), Mountains of Arasbaran, Babak fort (Kaleybar), Saat Tower (Tabriz), The Mausoleum of Poets (Tabriz), Constitution House of Tabriz, Kiz Bridge (Mianeh) WEST AZERBAIJAN Takht-e Soleyman (Takab), Saholan Cave (Mahabad), St. Thaddeus Monastery , Stone Gate (Khoy), Marmishoo Lake, Kazem Dashi (Lake Urmia), Bibi Kand rocks, Moving grass field of Chamli, Khan Takhti Petroglyph Ilam Bahram Chobin Gorge (Darreh Shahr County), Siahgal fire temple, Bareh Zard Cave, Zinegan Cave Kermanshah Bisotoun’s historical site (Harsin), Bisotun Inscription – Authored by Darius the Great, Taq Bostan (Kermanshah), Khosro Abad House (Sanandaj), Anahita Temple (Kangavar), river Source of Sahneh, Quri Qala Cave (Ravansar), Parau Cave, Do-Ashkaft Cave – Middle Paleolithic cave, Hossein Kouhkan , Cave – Dug by a one-legged man over 19 years, Kurdistan Lake Zarivar (Marivan), Karaftu Cave (Divandarreh), qashlagh bridge in sanandaj, Moshir Divan House (Sanandaj), Qomchoqay Fortress (Bijar), Kurd House, Abidar Open Air Cinema (Abidar), abidar open air sinema, Darol-Ehsan Mosque Free Music: “Fargo”, “Accidents will happen” and “Hot Heat” from YouTube Music Library. Austin Iranian Professionals Association