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Asha Hedayati Family lawyer

Asha Hedayati Family lawyer Born in Tehran / Iran & high school graduation at the Heinz Berggruen Gymnasium Berlin. She was Law studies at the Humboldt University Berlin.

Collaboration in the law firm Leonhardt and Partner in Berlin, Voluntary volunteer work in Spain, Argentina, India, and Nepal combined with language teaching.

Studied psychology as an assistant with successful completion of the semester certificates.

Legal traineeship at the Kammergericht in Berlin

Cooperation and legal advice at the Integration Officer of Berlin

Legal participation in the project “Bridge Berlin Network for Right to Stay” of the Berlin Senate

Admission to the bar by the bar association Berlin

Legal advice at the AWO, in the contact and counseling center for refugees in Berlin and refuge apartments for women (Zeff eV)

Conducting lectures and advanced training in family and alien law in women’s shelters and women’s counseling centers nationwide

Specialist lawyer in family law

Training as a mediator according to the standards of the Bundesverband für Mediation e. V.

Member of Amnesty International, the Berlin Bar Association, the German Bar Association (DAV) and the Republican Lawyers Association (RAV)

As a lawyer and mediator, I advise and accompany you in all your legal matters and represent you in both out-of-court and legal proceedings.

I am particularly involved in the right of residence and family law, but of course, I am also at your disposal in other areas of law. In addition to German, the counseling sessions can also be conducted in English, French, Farsi (Persian), Dari and, upon agreement, in Turkish and Arabic. (Iranian lawyer in Berlin Germany)

Iranian lawyer in Berlin Germany

Family Law Divorces, maintenance and custody disputes are often associated with great emotional strain on the parties involved. A detailed and comprehensive legal advice can reduce the emotional burden and often also save the way to court. Mediation is a voluntary process for the fair and long-term resolution of a dispute. As a trained mediator, I will be happy to help you identify your goals and implement them in an agreement that is tailored to your interests.

Another focus of my work is on immigration law. The procedures in these areas are often distressing for those affected, as the worries can quickly become existential. Regularly threatened here is the possible loss of a residence permit in Germany.

I look forward to meeting you!