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Body shop or a body shop may refer to: An automobile repair shop specializing in bodywork repairs The Body Shop, a chain of cosmetics stores Body shopping, a type of IT outsourcing The Body Shop, an interview segment by Jesse Ventura on 1980s WWE television broadcasts

Does it seem to you like magic when a very messed up car goes to an auto body shop and comes back looking like it was new? Of course, it’s not magic! It just involves some dedication, hard work and a lot of knowledge. We are going to tell you about a few auto body repair techniques that we use here at Sam’s Auto Body & Paint.

Before we worked our magic Before we worked our magic 1. Buffing This is one of the easiest, simplest and cheapest auto body repair techniques to fix a damaged car.

However, “damaged” may not be the best word for it. This technique is generally used when it comes to minor damage to your car. We are talking here about minor to moderate scratches that can occur in various ways. It may be an errant shopping cart, a poor first cycling attempt your kid had, or even an unsuccessful parking attempt (we don’t blame and we definitely don’t want to judge anyone).

The bottom line is that when it comes to auto body repair, a skillful technician could fix these minor problems by buffing out any scuffs that might appear on the paint surface. 2. Dent repairs Believe it or not, as far as auto body repair goes, dents are the most frequent problems we need to fix.

If you are lucky enough to only have a minor dent and no damaged paint, this issue is definitely not a problem to a professional.

Of course, this auto body repair technique is a bit more complicated and it takes longer than a simple buffing, but in the end, your car will look as good as new.

The metal can be easily put back into place (this requires some pulling, pushing and even a gentle massage from time to time) and made to look as if nothing had happened. After we worked our magic After we worked our magic 3. Fender bender The second most frequent problem we need to fix here at Sam’s Auto Body & Paint is fender benders.

The best course of action, in this case, would be replacing the dented or damaged fenders so that the owner can avoid any long – term issues such as chipping or corrosion.

However, considering the fact that replacing the fender is more expensive, most car owners ask us to repair the damaged ones. This auto body repair technique is a bit more complicated and it includes more steps. The fender is first straightened then it is sanded all the way to the metal. The area is coated with a body – filler which needs to cure.

After it has cured, the body – filler is also sanded until the surface is smooth. The last step of this auto body repair technique is the paint job and after that, the fender will surely look great.