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Arthman & Associates | Del Mar

Arthman & Associates | Architectural Design and Construction in Del Mar

WHY US Arthman & Associates is an Architectural, Engineering, and Construction firm. It is founded on the fine-tuned balance of design excellence, realistic marketing, and practical economics. We believe that our clients’ success and prosperity is our success and pride.

Therefore, our existence and reputation depend mainly on excellent services. Our focus is on providing you, our client,

with best services such as Architecture, Construction Management, Architectural Design, Interior Design, and so many services to build an extraordinary investment out of your property. Arthman is striving to pioneer new horizons in creative design and quality construction.

The principals and associates are highly experienced in commercial and luxury residential buildings.

STRATEGYOur services begin with an understanding of your needs, ideas, and concepts. After extensive research and evaluation of your ideas, we will develop a conceptual design and schematic drawings for you to review,

and then you can provide us with your feedback.

This phase of the design development consists of exchanges of ideas and opinions, with creative ideas flowing back and forth. Upon the arrival of your conceptual design, we will prepare a preliminary feasibility analysis and estimated cost breakdown.

After your approval of the conceptual and schematic design, we will proceed with the preparation of construction documents which may include any of the following as needed:

civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumping consultant engineering.

Following a review and coordination of all consultants work, we will submit your construction documents to your local city and governmental agencies.

Securing all permits is the last phase of this process before starting the construction phase.

PRE DESIGN Project Development Scheduling Project Programming Internal Function, Flow Studies, and Space Planning Existing Building Surveys Governmental Agency Consultation Initial Concept and Budget Review

Economic Feasibility Analysis and ReportsSITE DEVELOPMENT Site Analysis Site Master Planning Detailed Site Utilization Studies On-Site Utility StudiesOff-Site Utility Studies Zoning Analysis and Processing

DESIGN Architectural Schematic Design Engineering Systems Analysis Architectural Design Development Statements of Probable Construction Cost Special Design Landscape Design Interior Design Graphics Design Furniture and Special Fixing Design Rendering, Models, and Mock-Ups Governmental and Regulatory Agency Review Administrative Services and Conferences Engineering Consultation