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Arta Dermatology | Newport Beach

Arta Dermatology | Newport Beach

Arta Dermatology is Persian/Iranian Dermatologist in Newport Beach, California

We are committed to delivering quality care, with compassion and professionalism.

Our elevated standards of care encompass customer service, convenient scheduling, and exceptional results because we want every aspect of your experience to be wonderful.

Dr Farshidi is a highly respected, board-certified dermatologist with experience and expertise in both cosmetic and medical treatments.

When you visit our Newport Beach dermatology practice, you can expect: Prompt attention and a minimal wait in our comfortable reception area, state-of-the-art examination rooms with full privacy and lighting suitable for easy assessment of skin, a thorough consultation in which your specific concerns and desires are explored, examination with dermatology-specific tools for precise diagnosis, comprehensive skin evaluations, guidance in regards to sun protection and optimal skin care, and personalized treatment plans to address your concerns and achieve your goals.

Iranian Dermatologist in Newport Beach

Our goal is to provide the care needed to restore and sustain your healthiest, most beautiful skin. In addition to treating patients of all ages for dermatological concerns, we also provide cosmetic services to rejuvenate the skin on various parts of the body.

Arta Dermatology

Some of the skin-enhancing services you will find in our practice include: Botox Dermal fillers Chemical peels Laser therapy including hair removal Exilis Sclerotherapy We have established our site to include specific information on our various services.

Arta Dermatology hope you will browse our pages to learn more about us, and our ability to handle all of your skin care needs successfully. For a prompt consultation, contact us today.

Dr Farshidi performs a variety of general and cosmetic dermatological procedures at her office.

Some of these include acne prevention treatments, skin cancer therapy, and rosacea treatments and cosmetic procedures like Botox, Restylane, Radiesse, Exilis, Chemical Peels and many laser procedures.

Regardless of which procedure one undergoes patients who receive treatments and care under Dr Farshidi and her team can expect to receive safe, healthy and aesthetically-enhanced results.

Achieving healthy vitality and youthfulness is one of the biggest objectives of the procedures offered at Arta Dermatology.