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Ardalon Fakhimi Lawyer: Work With Expert Lawyers Unlike many law offices that assign client cases to young associates, attorney Ardalon Fakhimi

will personally handle all significant aspects of your case from start to finish, including all settlement discussions, negotiations, and

the trial. He will personally answer all of your questions and navigate you through every stage of your case.

We never use inexperienced associates who are just learning the practice of DUI law and criminal law.

Similarly, we are NOT a high volume law office. Rather, we emphasize a very personalized attorney-client relationship

where our clients are in continuous contact with their DUI and criminal lawyer; not their lawyer’s assistant.

Finally, we are a detail-oriented law office that meticulously strategizes every case. (Persian lawyer in Los Angeles)

That means no stone remains unturned during the course of our representation and through the final disposition of your case.

WHY CHOOSE the US This level of familiarity can only be acquired by lawyers who are immersed in the daily practice of criminal law.

As a result, such a lawyer will know when to negotiate a case, how to negotiate a case, when to go to trial, and most importantly, how to avoid the inherent pitfalls in every case that can make matters worse.

  • In the criminal justice system, individuals charged with a crime are typically asked, “What crime did you commit?”
  • At California Criminal Defense Center, our criminal defence team asks, “Which of your rights have been violated?”

Choosing the right criminal defence lawyer or DUI lawyer is the first critical step in the process of ensuring that your rights are protected when charged with a crime.

Our criminal defence team has an unparalleled work ethic and stands amongst the most knowledgeable, strategic, and aggressive criminal defence lawyers in California’s criminal law community.

At California Criminal Defense Center, our DUI lawyers and criminal defence attorneys offer the most sophisticated and zealous legal representation available.

Not only do we offer a superior level of skill, knowledge, and experience, but we utilize a variety of resources to stay abreast of the most recent changes in both DUI law and criminal law.

Finally, we take great pride in always being available to our clients. Unlike most firms, we have implemented a system whereby our clients can reach their lawyer either immediately or within a few short hours.

Every experienced DUI lawyer and criminal defence lawyer can tell you that a proper strategy is essential when representing clients charged with a crime.

That means, in order to reach optimum results in your case, you should hire a DUI lawyer and criminal defence lawyer who has in-depth familiarity with the process; one whose experience has given him insight that cannot be uncovered by legal research.

After many years of criminal trial work, we have become familiar with the practice habits of judges and prosecutors throughout Southern California.

Our success is defined by our unique familiarity with the courts and our ability to use this knowledge to create a strategic plan for every case.