Arash Safavi | photographer


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Arash Safavi | photographer

Arash Safavi | Minimal Architecture Portrait | Toronto, Canada Area

Class & Teacher Assistant, Grad Studies Digital Storyteller at OCAD University

Bio & Statment Hi, I am Arash. I am a photographer, designer with a passion for architectural, portrait photography, holding a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering and currently studying interdisciplinary master in Media, Art, and Design.

My pursuit of being an engineer began with the fact that I was enchanted with the idea of the bridge and its connection to places and people.

I loved the whole idea of connecting people with bridges. Actually, communication and connection are so appealing to me. In fact, I found art as the bridge that connects people, varying from a simple child’s drawing with Down Syndrome to the photo of a stranger with a simple smile.

I worked for several years in Architectural photography with an emphasis on the theme of minimalism. Recently, I discovered my interest in portraiture photography and my photography evolved to explore the interaction of the architectural design elements of a city and its people.

I have many published photos in Architectural and Minimalism Photography Magazines and received awards in these areas. My works have been exhibited at art galleries in different countries like Iran, Canada and the US.

Currently, I am living in Toronto and Montreal.