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Amir Garage Doors

Amir Garage Doors | Iranian/Persian high-quality garage doors supplier and openers in Ontario

Sales, installation, repair and service of all kind of residential Garage doors

Amir Garage Door, your source for sales, service and installation of high-quality garage doors and openers in GTA.

Contact us with any of your door needs.

We treat others the same way we would like to be treated. This attitude along with our professional work conduct will bring you complete satisfaction!

Without writing a long article about ourselves, there are a few honest points about us that we thought are helpful, and most probably you are looking for, by coming into this page:

1. We have one basic rule in “Amir Garage Door” and that is “The Golden Rule”, which says “Do to others as you would like them to do to you”.

This is what everyone in the world understands its righteousness by their instinct. Our difference is that we have implemented in our everyday activities.

2. We do not lie. Not only because of the golden rule but also because it is a principle. 3. We do a professional job; since 1- we have an engineering background and understanding, plus lots of hands-on technical experience and

3- we would like professional jobs too (golden rule).

4. We keep things simple and clear. No games, no hidden costs, no fine prints, no exaggeration and no crooked way of doing business under the name of “marketing strategies”, none of those are in our business, simply because no body likes to be deceived, including us.

5. We would like to be dealt with the same honest way from our dear customers. We would love to see everybody in our society does business in an honest-straight forward-clear-simple way, instead of all of these recently developed-crooked business strategies.

In addition to installing new garage doors, we offer garage door openers and are a full-service garage door company that provides garage door service and repair.

  • LiftMaster Residential Openers Product
  • Linear Residential Openers Product
  • LiftMaster Commercial Openers Product
  • Residential Opener Accessories Product
  • Garage Accessories Product
  • Lynx Garage Doors and Openers

Sales, installation, repair and service of all kind of residential Garage doors.

Iranian Garage door supplier in Ontario