Almas Food | Canoga Park, CA


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Almas Food | Canoga Park, CA

Almas Food | Canoga Park, CA

Almas Food | Canoga Park, CA, Best Iranian / Persian Halal Food, Natural, Gluten Free, MSG Free, No Preservative Food Products Supplier,

Almas Food A manufacturer of superior quality HALAL food products

Almas Food was established in 2012, introducing a new line of products being produced by a highly experienced team in the Los Angeles area

Southern California. persian halal food

We are proud of our quality, we have the widest range of varieties of Halal Deli Meats in northern America.

From Mediterranean style delicacies, healthy products, Ready To Eat Foods, we can do it all.

All our products are made from premium quality raw materials and only the finest and fresh ingredients.

We are the one and only producer of Halal Deli meats in the USA, that our products are





Try Almas Food once, and you’ll stay with us! That’s for sure!

ALMAS Veggies

Almas Provides the best Frozen Veggies ready to use: The best Authentic Veggies, Hygienic, Flavorful, easy to use!

Fantastic Prices! Try our Ghormeh Sabzi’s, Eggplants, Fried Onions, and our cans.

Fresh Foods

When it comes to Fresh Deli Meats, it is always difficult to have both quality and wholesomeness together, and nearly impossible to find having both and being Halal!

But … No worries! Almas has done it all, Halal, Hormone Free, Antibiotic Free*, Guten Free & MSG Free!

Please take a look at our Fresh Almas Halal Deli Meats, proudly made in California, USA. We have proven all since 2012!

Frozen Foods

Almas was always thinking of convenience food, but so easily cooked at home, using No Microwave, having No hassle of preparation,

ready in minutes and when cooked, being Delicious and Juicy!…

And we did it! Please take a glance at Almas Halal Frozen KEBOB and BURGERS  and see what we have made.