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Ali Fazli Immigration Attorney

Immigration Attorney in Frankfurt, Germany

The law firm Ali Fazli advises employers and employees on individual and collective employment laws. Whether it is the design of employment or termination agreements,
introducing flexible compensation models, dismissals, or representation before labor tribunals,

Or if you need advice on restructuring, reorganization, or negotiations with employee representatives.

— Iranian Lawyer: We are glad to help and tell you. We also provide comprehensive advice to companies on matters related to the business of transportation group and,

Temporary employment.  
Ali Fazli was born in 1974 in Tabriz, Iran. He studied law at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main.
Not only that, but he completed his legal traineeship at Frankfurt am Main Regional Court. Likewise, he has been working as a registered lawyer since 2009.
He completed the specialist lawyer course for business, labor, and company law.

Ali Fazli Persian Immigration Attorney in Frankfurt, Iranian Immigration Lawyer, Germany

On one hand, he worked for well-known law firms in Frankfurt am Main and Darmstadt. On the other hand, he also worked as a corporate lawyer for a large foreign financial services company.
Furthermore, the major focuses of his legal activities are among other Commercial u.
to sum up, Corporate Law, Labor and Social Law, Insolvency Law, Real Estate Law and Residence Law.
In addition, he corresponds in German, English, Persian (Farsi), Turkish and Arabic.
Moreover, he is a member of the Federal Bar Association, Bar Association, Frankfurt am Main,
German-Iranian Lawyers Association E.V. and German Bar Association DAV.

Ali Fazli Practice area: Persian immigration lawyer 

  • Business Law Employment
  • Labor Immigration Germany
  • Litigation Real Estate

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